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Owner John Grillo trained at the world renowned Thomas Chippendale International School of Furniture near Edinburgh, Scotland. While studying there he was featured in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, The Scottish Times, and Scottish Craftsmanship for his outstanding work.

He also received the prestigious Richard Demarco Prize, awarded by the celebrated arts commentator to the student whose work not only displays design and woodworking skill but exceptional artistic talent. The prize was specifically awarded for John’s round dining table, made from some 40 pieces of intricately-cut walnut, with a dozen pieces of pepperwood veneer to form a simple, flowing yet geometrically-complex design.

“It is a piece of furniture that displays real skill but which, like
a painting or piece of sculpture, transcends craftsmanship and design to become genuine art”, Demarco said.

A graduate of the Chippendale School and a member of the Fine Furniture Guild, John combines contemporary and traditional skills, high-quality materials, and his exceptional design talent to create beautiful free standing pieces of bespoke furniture.